It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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2019 NFHS Baseball Timeline:

  • December 19th --player interest meeting 2:15-2:45 in room 204
  • February 20th --Mandatory Parent/Player meeting 7:15-8:15 in the HS Cafe
  • Late February --Family ID opens up for spring sports **All players must register** - Family ID Link -
  • March 12th-16th --Pitchers and Catchers Training (Invitation only)
  • March 16th-20th --Varsity, JV and Freshmen Tryouts
  • March 24st --Opening "First Pitch" Breakfast
  • March 25th-May 19th --High School Baseball Season (games and practices)
  • May 20th-June 7th --Varsity playoffs (SWC's and State Tournaments)
  • June 9th --End of the Year Banquet


Important Information on the 2019 season:

  • Please do not schedule any vacation time during Spring Break - Freshmen, JV and Varsity practices and games will take place during spring break. NFHS Athletic Rule... If a player misses an unexcused game he/she must sit out a game. If a player misses two unexcused practices he/she must sit out a game. Please take note of this. 
  • New Fairfield Baseball Website – please get acquainted with / The Varsity, JV and Freshmen schedule are up on the site. Some things to know about the website…
    • Click on TEAM tab / then HIGH SCHOOL / then VARSITY – all our information is on there as far as schedule, roster, etc..

    • Click on HIGH SCHOOL tab / MESSAGE BOARD – monthly, weekly, daily announcements will be posted on this page including emails that I send out.

    • Click on HIGH SCHOOL tab / you will also see direct links to the CIAC team schedules, MaxPrep direct link (where we keep stats), Picture link, Diamond Club page, etc…


2019 NFHS Baseball Info...

1) MANDATORY Parent/Player meeting -- Wednesday February 20th 7:15-8:15pm at New Fairfield High School Cafe.

  • Players will get fitted for their "Apparel Package" (game pants, pre-game tee, socks and belt)
  • Introduction of coaches
  • Pitchers/Catchers week review, tryout review, what is needed, expectations, etc...
  • Season goals, expectations, important dates, etc...
  • Apparel
  • Diamond Club Presentation
  • Q & A

2) Family ID will open in February for spring sports **All Players must register** Click here to register - Family ID -... remember no register = no tryout.

3) Please look into your physical expiration date. Make sure it does not expire during the season.

4) All Freshmen and Juniors that have not taken the concussion test must do so before the start of tryouts. Please check with the AD's office if you need to take the test in March

5) Pitchers and Catchers week Mon March 11th-Friday March 15th

  • 4:30-5:30 in the HS Gym
  • Invite only / 14 players (list will be out by March 4th)
  • 5:30-6:30 all players can join in for some light conditioning (no baseball equipment needed)

6) What is needed at Day 1 tryout - Player Information Form, Player General Academic Assessment Form, Latest Report Card/Grades

  • Player/Parent tryout letter - Letter -
  • ​Player Information Form - Form -
  • Player General Academic Assessment - Form -
  • Player off season injury prevention questionaire - Form -

7) Tryout Dates/Times/Place... (all times are subject to change)

  • Day 1 - Saturday March 16th 9:00am-11:30am at NFHS Gym
  • Day 2   - Sunday March 17th 9:00am-11:30am at Dutches Stadium (8:00am bus / Locker room opens at 7:30am / bus will return around 12:30/12:45pm)
  • Day 3 - Monday March 18th 4:00-6:00pm at Dutches Stadium (2:30pm bus / bus will return around 7:00/7:15pm)
  • Day 4 - Tuesday March 19th 4:00-6:30pm at NFHS Gym
  • Day 5 - Wednesday March 20th 2:15-4:15 Player Tryout Evaluation Talks (each player will be slotted for a 5min evaluation talk with the coaches. Times will be posted the week of the tryouts).

Day 1 - Saturday March 16th 1:30pm-5:00pm at NFHS Gym

  • Please be prepared to be inside and outside. We will be using the Rebel turf for some of the evaluation stations.

  • We will need all freshmen to wear a navy top, all sophomores to wear a red top, all juniors to wear a navy top and all seniors to wear a red top. This will help the coaches through the evaluation process.

  • Locker Room opens up at 1:15

  • Player check in is 1:30-1:50 in the high school gym - please have all paper work ready to be handed in (Printed report on your latest grades / Player Information Form - Form - / Player General Academic Assessment -Form- / Player off season injury prevention questionnaire - Form -) ***please note that I will have an updated list of all registered Family ID players... if you are missing anything you will not be able to tryout***

  • 2:00-2:45 - warm-up / stretch / throwing progression

  • 2:45-4:45 - players will be evaluated in....

    • Offensive - ball exit velocity, video of each players swing in batting practice, along with a few other hitting drills

    • Defensive - outfield play (on the turf)

    • Defensive - infield play (on the turf)

    • Agility - 5'-10'-5' agility run along with several other agility drills

Day 2 - Sunday March 17th 9:00am-12:00am at Dutchess Stadium

  • 8:00am bus / Locker room opens at 7:30am / bus will return around 1:00/1:15pm 

  • FYI.... Due to construction that is going on at Dutchess stadium... seating for fans will be in the right field upper and lower picnic areas. They have set up chairs in both upper and lower picnic area to accommodate anyone who want to come and watch.

  • We are taking one bus. All equipment will be brought up in Coach D'Urso and Coach Garbowski's cars... make sure to pack a separate bag for personal items and your lunch to take with you on the bus.

  • Players will be evaluated in a controlled scrimmage (all players will be told at the end of Saturday’s tryout what color top they will need to wear for the scrimmage), pitchers will be evaluated in a controlled bullpen and all players will be evaluated in base running.

2019 Bill Benzing Umpire Scholarship -- - FORM -

The Western Connection Umpires Association has awarded a scholarship in its name for almost a decade… moving forward that will be forever changed. In December of 2008 the Association lost a long time umpire and a dear friend. Bill Benzing, a 27 year veteran umpire passed away at the young age of 54. Bill was admired by all who knew him. He contributed much to the organization over the years and even more to the community Bill called home … Bethel, CT.As an educator in the Bethel school system for 35 years Bill taught much more than Math at the Bethel Middle School, he taught the lessons of life. Just as Bill was a leader on the baseball field while he was calling "balls and strikes" he was a leader in the class room as well. Bill did not stop when the final bell rang to dismiss the children. Bill’s day had only just begun. Bill served as an advisor to many of the Middle School’s clubs. He founded the ever popular Ski Club and continued to teach outside the class room by serving as a freshman football coach and a girl’s basketball coach. Bill’s legacy is one of sportsmanship, evident still in his family, his community and our organization. It is with much pride and a heavy heart that we add his name to this scholarship. It is our hope that each year’s winner will serve his family, friends and community……the same as our mentor-Bill Benzing.


2019 Diamond Club Scholarship -- - FORM -

Scholarship is open to seniors on the spring 2019 New Fairfield High School Varsity Baseball Team who are in good academic standing and who are pursuing higher education within 12 months upon graduation from New Fairfield High School. Application must be received by Wednesday June 1, 2017 for consideration. Scholarship winners will be announced at the NFHS end of year baseball banquet .


2018 Season Awards / Accomplishment 

Diamond Club Scholarship - Jared O'Connor
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Brian Forsberg & Chris Forsberg
Diamond Club Player of the Year - Sean King
Varsity Coaches Award - Jared O'Connor
JV Coaches Award - Dylon Kelly
Freshmen Coaches Award - Justin Ariola
New Fairfield Baseball would like to congratulate the following players on their regular season awards. 
Connecticut All State Team
Sean King
All South West Conference Team
Jared O'Connot & Sean King
All Colonial Division Players
Jake Smith, Camden Lathorp & Matt Garbowski
All Colonial Division Honorable Mention Player
Brian Forsberg



2017 Season Awards / Accomplishment -
Diamond Club Scholarship - Jack Ware
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Jackson Lathrop
Diamond Club Player of the Year - Brian Magee
Varsity Coaches Award - Jack Ware
JV Coaches Award - Brandon Autorino
Freshmen Coaches Award - Jake Merritt
New Fairfield Baseball would like to congratulate the following players on their regular season awards. 
All South West Conference Academic Team
Brian Magee
All South West Conference Team
Brian Magee
Connecticut All State Team
Brian Magee
Connecticut All State Academic Team
Brian Magee
Connecticut Senior All Star Team
Brian Magee
All Colonial Division Player
Jackson Lathrop
All Colonial Division Player
Jack Barry
All Colonial Division Honorable Mention Player
Sean King


2016 Season Awards / Accomplishment -
Diamond Club Scholarship - Greg Radovic & Pat Martucci
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Rudy Sarro
Diamond Club Player of the Year - Jenner Stunkard
Varsity Coaches Award - Jake Whiting
JV Coaches Award - Brian Forsberg 
Freshmen Coaches Award - John Ruggerio
New Fairfield Baseball would like to congratulate the following players on their regular season awards. 
All Colonial Division Player
Jenner Stunkard
All Colonial Division Player
Mike DeLease
All Colonial Division Honorable Mention Player
Pat Martucci
Congratulations to the NFHS Varsity Baseball Team
SWC Champions





2015 Season Awards / Accomplishment -
Diamond Club Scholarship - Jeff Nabozna & Nick Gallagher
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Joe Andreozzi
Diamond Club Player of the Year - Nick Gallagher
Varsity Coaches Award - William Murtagh
JV Coaches Award - James Hayden
Freshmen Coaches Award - Josh Bookbinder
New Fairfield Baseball would like to congratulate the following players on their regular season awards.
All State Class L Player
All South West Conference Player
Bill Hunt Award - South West Conference Pitcher of the Year award
Selected to Play in the Connecticut Senior All Star Game
Nick Gallagher
All Colonial Division Player
Mike Browne
All Colonial Division Player
Jeff Nabozna
All Colonial Division Player
Joe Andreozzi
All Colonial Division Honorable Mention Player
Will Murtagh
Congratulations to our 2015 Rebels 
The Rebels finished the regular season with a 15-5 record
11-2 in the South West Conference League play
Congratulations to Nick Gallagher!!
Nick was named MVP Pitcher of the Connecticut vs Massachusetts Senior All Star Game!!
Nick pitched the first two innings of the game striking out 5 batters and getting the sixth to ground out. Nick went 1 for 1 with a single and a walk while seeing some action at shortstop and right field the rest of the game.
Nick was selected to the Connecticut Senior All Star Team.
They will take on the Massachusetts Senior All Star Team this Saturday in Lynn Massachusetts
Nick was one of sixteen players selected out of the sixty four Connecticut Senior District All Star Players that played Wednesday night vs one another. Nick pitched one shut out inning with two strikeouts and a pop-up for the third out in the inning. Nick also saw some action at shortstop with a few at bats in the Connecticut Senior District All Star Game.
Nick is the first ever New Fairfield High School Senior Player to be selected for this great honor. 

2014 Season Awards / Accomplishment -

Diamond Club Scholarship - Tom Hart and Joe Hicks
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Zac Farias
All South West Conference Academic Team - Jeff Nabozna
All Colonial Player - Nick Gallagher
All Colonial Player - Antonio Dimaggio
All Colonial Honorable Mention Player - Zac Farias








2013 Season Awards / Accomplishment -

Diamond Club Scholarship - Mike Jamieson and Mike Langdon
Jack Connors Memorial Scholarship - Jake Patton
All State Class L Infielder - Jake Patton
All South West Conference Academic Team - Jeff Nabozna
All South West Conference Infielder - Jake Patton
All Patriot Player - Mike Jamieson
All Patriot Player - Zac Farias
All Patriot Honorable Mention Player - Matt Barile





2012 Season Awards / Accomplishments -

South West Conference Sportsmanship Award - NFHS Varsity Baseball Team
All State Class L Catcher - Joe Roberti
All South West Conference Catcher - Joe Roberti
All Patriot Player - Jake Patton
All Patriot Player - Ryan Brish
All Patriot Honorable Mention Player - Matt Barile






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